The Modular Instrumentation Traffic Analysis Point (TAP) Recorder (MITR) is a high-bandwidth, high-capacity IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data recorder/publisher with a TAP Interface Module (TIM) & multiple tera-bytes of high-speed removable storage. MITR is suitable for a wide range of data recording requirements in harsh & demanding environments.

TIM’s provide protocol independent optical full duplex transceivers. Applications include GigE, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, or any specific communication application. Input channels are recorded/published & mirrored outputs provide full active TAP configurations.

MITR also contains a Layer 2/3 Managed Carrier Ethernet Switch with (4) external interfaces, GPS receiver & IRIG Time Code Generator.  A hardware based IEEE-1588v2 time engine with multiple Grand Master, Master, Slave & Transparent clocks is also provided.

The (4) external Ethernet interfaces can be used for IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data stream publishing, RMM download or as a fully capable Layer 2/3 Managed Switch.  Switch ports can also be recorded or used as a NAS/file server interface to one or more of the RMM drives.

  • Over 1.2G bytes per second sustained record rate
  • Up to 12TB of RMM storage capacity
  • Simultaneous publishing up to 4Gbps from recording channels to (4) Ethernet switch ports
  • Encoded PCM output for CH10 UDP telemetering transmission
  • Optical XCVR’s have main & AUX power capability (on when recorder is off w/ AUX)