NetView is a Microsoft Windows .NET software application which provides real-time decoding, processing, display & distribution from IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data sources & network based instrumentation systems.  NetView Data Fusion & Display decodes, time aligns, processes & displays multiple independent data source types & formats in a single processing & display environment.

NetView also provides a full duplex, user configurable command and control service for network devices. The NetView SDK using C# .NET with Visual Studio 2010 allows a user to develop their own custom GUI displays & access the federated data structure for end user defined decoders & special processing of measurements.

The NetView Manager (NVM) provides the user interface foundation of NetView with a topology view of all projects, displays, data sources, channels, measurements & settings. Test Articles & physical Data Sources are added to the NVM manually or automatically. Test Articles can contain Chapter 10 recorders, real-time streams, DataHUB units & network based instrumentation devices, all of which NetView decodes, time aligns, processes, displays, reproduces, records & publishes to NetView clients, or any software client that supports compliant Chapter 10 UDP.

The Federated Data Structure integrates multiple data sources, formats & measurements used to assemble data products & data producer services. Common time tagged data from these data sources & formats allows precise time alignment of all data types & formats.

With a fully integrated DataHUB USB interface, NetView provides multiple channels of live streaming real-time Chapter 10 PCM & IRIG time for simultaneous processing, display, reproduction, recording & publish.