NetView is a Microsoft Windows .NET software application which provides real-time decoding, processing, display & distribution from IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data sources & network based instrumentation systems.  NetView Data Fusion & Display decodes, time aligns, processes & displays multiple independent data source types & formats in a single processing & display environment.

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Data Fusion & Display provides real-time decoding, processing, display & distribution from IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data sources & network based instrumentation systems.  NetView decodes, time aligns, processes & displays multiple independent data source types & formats in a single processing & display environment.

NetView also provides a full duplex, user configurable command and control service for network devices. The NetView SDK using C# .NET with Visual Studio 2010 allows a user to develop their own custom GUI displays & access the federated data structure for end user defined decoders & special processing of measurements.

The NetView Manager (NVM) provides the user interface foundation of NetView with a topology view of all projects, displays, data sources, channels, measurements & settings. Test Articles & physical Data Sources are added to the NVM manually or automatically. Test Articles can contain Chapter 10 recorders, real-time streams, DataHUB units & network based instrumentation devices, all of which NetView decodes, time aligns, processes, displays, reproduces, records & publishes to NetView Clients, or any software client that supports compliant Chapter 10 UDP.

The Federated Data Structure integrates multiple data sources, formats & measurements used to assemble data products & data producer services. Common time tagged data from these data sources & formats allows precise time alignment of all data types & formats.

With a fully integrated DataHUB USB interface, NetView provides multiple channels of live streaming real-time Chapter 10 PCM & IRIG time for simultaneous processing, display, reproduction, recording & publishing.

CH-10 Live, Replay, Publish & Subscribe
Simultaneously Support Multiple CH-10 Streams
Chapter 10 UDP Broadcast from Replay
Fully Integrated DataHUB Interface
Simultaneous Replay/Live Controls
Record Live UDP & DataHUB Streams
Dock/Float Displays across Monitors
PCM/MIL-STD-1553/Video/Image Exports
Archive to *.CH10 or *.TF10 Files
Full Math Engine for Derived Parameters
High-Speed Dynamic Imagery
Reproduce Time/PCM w/ DataHUB
Auto Setup from TMATS Packet
Full TMATS Import & Export
Complete SDK using C# .NET

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Data Sources

IRIG 106 Chapter 10
RMM/Compact Flash/SCSI Tape
Local/Network Disk Files
UDP Publishers/DataHUB’s
CH10 UDP from PCAP Files

Streaming Telemetry
Telspan DataHUB

Network Instrumentation
TTC Network Products

Data Decoders

IRIG 106 Chapter 10
Computer Generated Data
Time & PCM
1553, 429 & IEEE-1394
Analog, Discrete, Message
Video & Images
Ethernet, UART, Parallel
TSPI/CTS & Fibre Channel

Streaming Telemetry
Time & PCM

Network Instrumentation
Time & PCM
Video & High Speed Imagery
Network XCVR

NetView Lite provides entry level IRIG 106 CH-10 replay/display capabilities

NetView Professional provides mid-level replay/display/record/reproduce capabilities

NetView Ultimate provides all replay/display/record/reproduce & includes special decoders

NetView Developer provides Ultimate version w/ developer SDK

NetView Custom provides facility/customer “unique” versions

NetView V2.0

  • 1553 Bus RT Display – Overview of 1553 channels·
  • Terminal Display – Extract embedded ASCII characters from a parameter
  • Performance improvements and better support for multiple DataHUBs
  • Manual and data-driven event generation support with DataHUBs.
  • Ability to select master time source and set a start time offset
  • Ability to use embedded time in PCM Export
  • Map and Terrain displays
    • Show additional parameters on vehicle
    • Ability to map and display parameters on the vehicle trace
    • Ability to add threats and pair against other objects and vehicles
    • Show events in model trace and scrolling text with time to live
    • Save Points Of Interest and pairings in display-file
  • Line graph enhancements
  • Extended Arinc display and added Arinc export
  • Displays Parameter Export – Export parameters used in various displays
  • Export PCM parameters as ASCII
  • Project File Export/Import Wizard

NetView V1.9

  • Updated to .NET 4.6.1, developer version requires Visual Studio 2012 or later (Visual Studio 2015 recommended)
  • Updated to make use of DirectX 11
  • Improved video decoding performance
  • General performance and memory improvements
  • Mil-Std-1553 Bus Dump Export Capability
  •  Support for Image Format 1 still images (JPEG only)
  • Bit-Error-Rate display
  • Global Slowdown when there is too much data to decode in real time
  • Export from PCAP Files (Video, PCM, 1553, etc.)
  • Replay, decode and display ARDS TSPI data

NetView V1.8

  • Process CH10 UDP Data Without Time Packets
    • Time Decoding Modes – Automatic, Global, RTC, Embedded PCM & IEEE 1588 PTP
    • Record UDP Broadcast to CH10 Files
    • DataHUB Recording & Reproduction of UDP Sources
  • Replay CH10 UDP Data from PCAP File Sources
    • Session Integration – Projects, Displays, Options, NetView Manager, etc.
    • Replay Control – Time Slider, Play, Step Backward/Forward, Jump, Loop, etc.
    • Auto/Manual Setup from TMATS Packet
    • Auto Setup from Channel Data (if no TMATS parsed)
  • Export CH10 Ethernet Packet Contents to PCAP File Format
  • Enhanced MIL-STD-1553 Displays
    • A/B Bus Indicators in 1553 Data Channel Display
    • Transmit (TX), Receive (RX) & A/B Bus Breakouts in RT/SA Message Dialog: All, All TX, All RX, TXA, RXA, TXB & RXB
  • New Time Display
    • Shows Data Activity for All Sources, Channels & Decoders
    • Easily Verify Data Activity Using Colored Status with 1 Second Timeout
    • Decode Time & RTC for All Data Types
    • Adjust Update Rate & Freeze Display
    • Configure Rows & Control Font Size
  • Ease of Use & Other Enhancements
    • Video Performance Improvements include Configurable # of Threads
    • Auto Create TMATS Packet in CH10 Recordings After Configurable Setup Record Timeout
    • Time Stamp CH10 Recording File Names
    • RMM Loading Enhancements – Multi-File Selection & External TMATS Use
  • New CANIS IGU Special Decoder (Custom)
    • Quickly Configure Data Format
    • Pad Length & Pattern
    • Counting Pattern Length
    • CRC Length

We are more than happy to provide trials of NetView.  Please contact us for download instructions and registration.