CPAS-5000 DataHUB – Recorder/Reproducer System


  • Any PC Can Be a Recorder & Reproducer
    • PCM In, Chapter 10 Out
  • USB Plug-n-Play Device, Completely Self Contained
  • Laboratory, Flightline, Range & Mobile Uses
  • Native IRIG106 Chapter 10 Compliancy – No Format Conversions
  • Chapter 10 UDP Publisher
  • Fully independent PCM/Time Input & Output Channels
  • GPS Receiver & IRIG Time Code Generator
  • High Accuracy ± 1us Time Tagging/Alignment

As part of our Chapter 10 Products, Applications and Solutions (CPAS) family, the CPAS-5000 DataHUB turn’s any PC into a fully compliant IRIG106 Chapter 10 PCM Recorder/Reproducer System by natively creating & decoding PCM and time packet streams.

This small self-contained, low-cost portable device provides capabilities, accuracies and performance normally found in much more expensive traditional recorder/reproducer systems.  Each DataHUB support 2 PCM input & output channels, or 4 input channels.

A .NET Windows application, CPAS-5000 DataHUB Control Software (DCS) is provided along with a full API to expand the capabilities of this powerful yet flexible device.

CPAS-5000 DataHUB – Recorder/Reproducer System

PCM Inputs/Outputs
40MB Per Channel, Fully Independent
Each DataHUB supports 2 PCM Input & 2 PCM Output Channels or 4 PCM Inputs
TTL (BNC) or RS-422 (Triax)
50 Termination, Others Available
De-Randomize, Invert Data/Clock
Internal Loopback

IRIG Time Inputs/Outputs
IRIG-A/B/G Per Input (AM or DC)
IRIG-A/B/G Time Code Generator
TCG Seed – External IRIG or Internal GPS
Internal Loopback

GPS Receiver
NMEA 0183 & 1PPS (30nS) Output

Optional Bit Sync
(2) Channels @ 20Mbps Each
De-Randomizer 9/11/15/17/23 Bit

Chapter 10 Record/Reproduce/Publish
High Stability RTC
± 1μ Second Time Tagging/Alignment
Throughput, Packed, Unpacked PCM
16 or 32 Bit PCM Alignments
Selectable Sync Strategy
Fully Independent Record & Reproduce
IRIG-A/B/G or GPS UTC Time Packets
Full Chapter 6 Dot Command Support
Remote Command/Control

DCS Software
Manual/Auto Setup
TMATS Import/Export
Replay Time Slider
Loop Replay
Goto Time/Index
Action/Error Logging
CH10 UDP Broadcast
BER Testing Mode
Live Preview
Record Media Status
CH10 Error Checking
Full User API
Packet Activity GUI
Touch Screen Mode

CPAS-5000 DataHUB – Recorder/Reproducer System

DataHub Information Sheet
Telspan Data Product Brief