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CPAS-5500 MITR New Product Release

We are pleased to announce the new Telspan Data rugged airborne CPAS-5500 Modular Instrumentation TAP Recorder (MITR) product.  Please go to Hardware CPAS-5500 MITR or Support-Products to download the Data Sheet and learn about all the capabilities of this revolutionary new product.


CPAS-5010 Data Replay

CPAS-5020 Ground Recorder/Reproducer

CPAS-5030 Telemetry Data

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NetView – Data Fusion & Display

USAF Common Mission Debrief Program (Support)

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CPAS-5000 DataHUB

integrated Ethernet Switches (iES)

CPAS-5500 MITR Recorder

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Telspan Data, recognized as the industry leader in IRIG 106 Chapter 10 technologies, manufactures and markets hardware and software systems along with providing world class engineering technical services, training and support. Our Chapter 10 Products and Services (CPAS) line of airborne recorders, ground systems, software and integrated Ethernet Switches are used by aerospace, military and government customers on many high visibility test and operational programs.

Our Products & Solutions:

From Flights to Files
Replay, Record and Reproduce Throughout the Test Data Chain

From RF to Display and Distribution
Real-Time PCM Telemetry Processing and Recording

Desktop, Rackmount and Portable Systems for Laboratory, Flightline or Range

High-End Accuracy and Performance at Lower Cost of Ownership

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Visit the Telspan Data in Booth 214 for more info